Little Lifters

Welcome to the Little Lifters program at Poulsbo Athletic Club. Little Lifters is a babysitting service for club members and guests that is dedicated to providing a safe, sanitary, secure, and positive environment for their children. We strive to offer a service which parents can place confidence in and feel secure seeing their children enjoy a pleasurable experience while visiting us. Our staff is experienced, qualified, certified in CPR, caring, and fun-loving, as well as concerned for the well-being of every child. We maintain adequate supervision with appropriate staff/child ratios. Ages 6 months and up. 



  • Signing your child in and out.

  • Changing your child’s diaper or taking child that is potty trained to the restroom. Parent is also responsible for cleaning any bathroom accidents.

  • Returning to your child if they are crying and the staff is unable to console them in a reasonable amount of time (10 minutes).

  • Labeling your child’s personal items (backpacks, jackets, snacks, drink cups, etc.)

  • Observing the 2 hour time limit for children in Little Lifters.



Due to parent concerns about severe food allergies, no more food is allowed in Little Lifters. Drinks are allowed but must be in spill-proof containers. Thank you for your cooperation. 



In order to provide a healthy and safe environment, Little Lifters does not accept sick children who are contagious. If your child is noticeably ill and suffers from symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, or colored discharge from the nose, you must wait until these symptoms have passed before you bring your child in to Little Lifters. If your child is past the contagious stage of illness and is showing signs of illness such as coughing, runny nose, etc., we must have a doctor's note stating that your child is not contagious.



We offer an indoor playscape, reading center, separate infant area, private bathroom, and an arts & crafts room for coloring and crafts. The entrance area is for children 5 years and older, and the other side of the gate is for children under 5 years old. When dropping your child off, please see that your child goes to the designated area.



Monday-Saturday   8am - 12pm


Monday-Friday    4:30pm - 7pm


Saturday 8am - 12pm



For a list of Little Lifters pricing, visit our rates page.