Pool Schedule

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Aqua Classes

Senior Splash
45 minute class for the senior who is looking for increased range of motion, improved posture, muscle and cardio fitness, and new friends. Class will typically include some abdominal and strength conditioning exercises.

Senior Challenge
45 minute class for anyone looking to increase their cardiovascular health as well as challenge their existing fitness level. Class provided in an 8 min. warm up, 30 min. cardiovascular conditioning, and an 8 min. cool down and stretch format.

Aqua Fit 60 minutes of challenging fitness movements to increase your cardio and muscle fitness. Class format varies between interval training, steady cardio, and circuit training. Class includes a minimum of 30 min. cardiovascular conditioning and is an intermediate level class designed for aerobic improvements.

Short, sweet, powerful heart pumping 45 minutes of intense cardio challenge without the impact of land. Extremely effective in obtaining and maintaining excellent cardiovascular results.

Aqua Zumba
60 minute aqua dance party! A combination of Zumba and Aqua Fit, this will be a fun and effective workout. Latin inspired dance moves blended with water based cardiovascular conditioning movements. Get your dance on in a safe, low-impact environment.

Signing Up

To ensure your space in class, please sign up at the front desk ahead of time. You may sign up for a class two work days in advance.

On the day of your scheduled class, please check in at the front desk. The pool is reserved for Open Swim or Rehab until 15 minutes prior to class start times.

In considerations of other members, please honor our club policy. Unless we are notified otherwise, if there are spots available in the pool 5 minutes after class begins, they will be given away to people on the waiting list.



  • Supportive swimsuits are recommended as well as supportive aquatic fitness shoes for your protection.

  • Towels are not provided and should be brought from home.

  • Thank you for taking a moment to dry yourself off before leaving the pool area. This assists us greatly by maintaining safety standards.

  • Plastic water bottles are encouraged for all fitness participants in order to maintain hydration levels.

Due to changes in Washington State Law, children agree 16 and under are not allowed to use the pool at any time. No exceptions. Minors age 17 cannot be in the pool alone.